Tiger’s Fund

Hi there. I’m Tiger. You might know my dad — he’s the freelance writer who runs this operation. As for me, I’m the one who’s really in charge here. Oh sure, there’s my dad and my mom, my sister Indy the ex-racer greyhound, and my three feline siiblings, but I’m the one who calls the shots. I’m the one who watches for intruders out the window and I always let mom and dad know when I’m hungry.

My mom got me from a mini-schnauzer rescue back in 1998. Indy, my greyhound sister, was also rescued. My dad also spends time volunteering for animal rescues, including doing some writing projects for them. So you could say that we’re an animal rescue family.

I had this great idea to bring the family business into this. Well, my dad likes to think he came up with it, but we all know that I’m really in charge. Introducing Tiger’s Animal Rescue Fund — named after me, of course! Tiger’s Animal Rescue Fund is a unique way for businesses and organizations to get their marketing copy, ghostwriting, and technical documentation needs while helping rescue animals just like me.

It’s pretty simple: you need a project? Contact my dad, mention Tiger’s Animal Rescue Fund, and he’ll donate 15% of the final invoice to an animal rescue. If you have a specific rescue in mind that you’d like to help, feel free to mention it. Otherwise, my family has been involved with a number of good groups, and they always need funds.

So it’s simple: fulfill your business documentation needs, save the lives of animals. Not a bad idea if I do say so myself!