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WineTask: SEO Web Content

Customer: WineTask

Project type: Web Content (SEO)

Project date: February 2011

Description: WineTask, a wine-industry logistical consultant, wanted to expand their search engine presence. Based on a set of selected keywords, new search-engine optimized web content was written targeting 2-3 phrases per page. The result was sharper marketing copy with a stronger message, all with first-page ranking on Google for desired search phases.

Moroni Leather: Catalog

Customer: Moroni Leather

Project type: Catalog Entries

Project date: 2009, 2010, 2011

Description: Moroni Leather is a repeat client, returning whenever their catalog needs updating with new items. Each of the catalog entries is about 100 words and is designed to tell a story about the piece of furniture while giving a little bit about its design background and construction materials.

Octovo: Press Release

Customer: Octovo

Project type: Press release

Project date: January 2010

Description: Octovo launched a new PR campaign to kick off 2010. A big part of this was writing an effective press release to emphasize that their products (Kindle/e-reader covers and sleeves) were the best looking, most functional, and most durable on the market.

Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce: 2010 Magazine

Customer: Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce

Project type: Articles

Project date: October 2009

Description: Each year, the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce hires me to write the articles in their annual magazine. This year, we covered local technology innovators Better Place and Bling Nation, along with a look at the Chamber’s history and profiling some of the longest-tenured Chamber members. Each article ranged between 500 and 800 words.

Primetime Car Wash: Brochure

Customer: Primetime Car Wash

Project type: Brochure

Project date: August 2009

Description: Primetime Car Wash was an innovative LA-area start-up offering mobile waterless car wash services. With the brochure, Primetime wanted to emphasize the green aspect of its materials, along with its mobile services.

FastTrack Fundraising: Articles

Customer: FastTrack Fundraising

Project type: Newsletter articles

Project date: 2008-09

Description: FastTrack wanted monthly content for their newsletter. Each month, they sent over two article topics; another monthly article was created by me without their input (except for approval). Articles were mostly written from scratch, even when notes were given. The idea was to be a turnkey content solution for the client so they could send me monthly topics and not have to worry about editorial decisions.

reStudio: MPx Data Sheet

Customer: reStudio

Project type: Data sheet

Project date: May 2009

Description: reStudio’s software is designed for specific areas of manufacturing and logistics. Its innovative new MPx product was targeted to a very specialized segment of businesses using a particular type of hardware/software. The data sheet was divided into two sections: one side emphasized benefits and value proposition while the second side focused on features.

Stu Schmidt: Lawyer Rack Card

Customer: Stu Schmidt of Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth

Project type: Rack card

Project date: April 2009

Description: Stu Schmidt is a lawyer in the Los Gatos firm of Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth. Working with ColorStory Studio on the design, this rack card was to be given to potential clients in the office and at seminars/presentations to emphasize the different legal services Stu provided.