reStudio: MPx Data Sheet

Customer: reStudio

Project type: Data sheet

Project date: May 2009

Description: reStudio’s software is designed for specific areas of manufacturing and logistics. Its innovative new MPx product was targeted to a very specialized segment of businesses using a particular type of hardware/software. The data sheet was divided into two sections: one side emphasized benefits and […]

Advantage Consulting Services: HP Case Study

Customer: Advantage Consulting Services

Project type: Case study

Project date: September 2008

Description: ACS is a search-engine optimization consulting firm based in Southern California. The HP Case Study was written in a problem/solution/results format to demonstrate how ACS was able to help the tech giant drive traffic to its website.

Microscan: ESD White Paper

Customer: Microscan

Project type: White paper

Project date: July 2007

Description: Microscan is a market leader in bar code scanning technology and digital imaging. This white paper was designed to emphasize the industry’s need for ESD-safe hardware — from the potential problems of ESD damage to current cumbersome workarounds. The last section of the white […]

Nintendo: Internal API Documentation

Customer: Nintendo in conjunction with Questar

Project type: Manual

Project date: October 2006

Description: Nintendo tasked Questar with translation of an internal API manual. The original translation needed significant cleaning up in order to be properly read by American staff. The original source material was given a significant overhaul through editing and rewriting, along with […]